Get More Cash Calls With Google Ads

 Get started with a $500 ad spend credit (applies after you spend your first $500 on ads)

How Does It Work?

You've got the tools, you're in with the clubs, you've got insurance, now you just need to generate more cash call customers.
This is where Roadside Genius comes into play!
We create a beautiful website for you, designed to attract more cash callers specifically for your business.
Then, we set up Google Ads to generate profits. Loaded with tons of industry targeted keywords and ads that work to make you money!
We also manage your organic presence online. We set up, optimize and manage your Google My Business profiles, posting weekly, replying to reviews and much more.
Now you can finally work on your own terms, and get paid more than you're making from motor clubs.

Submit your order, and during the FREE 7-day setup period, we will just need:

1. The locations you want to target. This can be as general or specific as you want - it's up to you where you want to get more jobs!

2. The types of jobs you want. Spare tire changes, lockouts, fuel deliveries, jump starts, towing, etc. We will target customers specifically for the services you offer.

3. Your starting daily budget. Invest as little as $20 per day or as much as you want. Our system works with any budget!

That's it!

We'll email you after we receive your order so we can collect the necessary details. We'll do all the heavy lifting and you start enjoying the benefits of our proven system to get roadside assistance cash calls from Google Ads.

Get Your First Cash Calls Within 7 Days!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website?

No! Even if you already have a website, it is likely not optimized for Google Ads. So instead, we will set up a custom website for you that is already tested and proven to bring optimal results.

Do I need a Google Ad account?

No again! Our "Master" account is optimized with tons of data that we will be able to plug you into from day one. In order to get the best results possible with your ads, we will be setting up a sub-account for you. You will pay Google directly for your ad spend, but you will not have direct access to the ad account. (After you sign up above, we will provide instructions on how to set up a Google payment profile and where to view your data.)

What is your pricing?

Our pricing is $500/mo. This includes Google Ads management, website, Google My Business, and call tracking. Plus we'll get you started with a $500 Google Ads credit (applies after you spend your first $500 on ads).

Why does this cost so much less than other Google Ads management services?

Systems. We already know how to run ads to get cash calls. We already know which keywords to target. We already have an extensive list of negative keywords. We already know what to say in the ads. We already have a website template that is proven to generate calls. We already have an optimized "Master" account that we can plug new accounts into. We don't need to meet with you about strategy or about anything else (we stay in our lane and you stay in yours). Because we have things fully systemized, we are able to charge significantly less than other Google Ads management agencies, while providing superior results.

How much can I expect to pay per lead?

Your cost per lead will vary due to a number of factors. Google Ads work on a bidding system, which means the advertisers who are willing to pay the most will have their ads displayed more frequently and closer to the top of the page. The number of competing advertisers may vary greatly depending on the locations being targeted, which will also affect cost per lead. The average cost per lead is typically between $5-$10 in ad spend (for jobs that can make you $75-$100+), but we can never know for certain until we start running your ads.

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